Bringing certainty and control by making complex technologies easy to use.
Engineered Medical Technologies is a technology company, delivering efficient technology into the hands of everyone. Our team of engineers, designers, scientists, and manufacturing experts utilize Silicon Valley experience to simplify spectroscopy, bringing commercial grade testing devices into the homes of consumers. Our mission is to empower individuals with data, quickly and cost effectively, so that they may make informed decisions.
Our Products
Using our expertise in chemistry, microbiology, design, electrical engineering, and algorithms, we are building these products:
tCheck is a handheld spectrometer that uses UV light to measure the potency of infusions. Since its launch in Sept 2016, over 400 devices have been added to home and commercial kitchens all over the world. tCheck has helped patients with cancer, PTSD, MS, and many other medical conditions. EMT will be expanding the line of tCheck devices to enable testing of concentrates, flower, pesticides, and mold.
Founded and run by industry experts with proven experience in science, design, engineering, and manufacturing.
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