Bringing certainty and control by making complex technologies easy to use.
Engineered Medical Technologies is a company delivering efficient technology to the hands of everyone. Our team of engineers, designers, scientists, and manufacturing experts have extensive backgrounds that are being utilized to bring commercial testing devices to the home of the consumer. Our mission is to empower others with accelerated means to test a variety of substances using lab quality spectrometers.
Our Products
Using our expertise in application specific spectrometry, we are building products for markets including cannabis, food safety, agriculture, and healthcare.
tCheck is a handheld spectrometer that uses UV light to measure the strength of cannabis infusions. Since its launch last September, over 500 devices have been added to kitchens all over the world. tCheck is a line of products built for different aspects of the cannabis space. Look forward to the next version of this device and more devices available soon.
Founded and ran by industry experts with proven experience in science, engineering, and manufacturing.
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