Engineered Medical Technologies


Creating Truly Revolutionary Health and Lifestyle Products


Engineered Medical Technologies is a group of scientists and high tech professionals who are bringing new and innovative health and lifestyle products to various markets. Our main market presence and mission is to design products that improve the lives of everyone in truly meaningful ways. This is accomplished by targeting new emerging disruptive markets and by utilizing the latest technologies, engineering and science.



Engineered Medical Technologies leadership team is committed to operating with the utmost integrity in building and leading an organization dedicated to producing leading edge technology products. Engineered Medical Technologies is proud to have leaders who are industry experts with proven experience in science, engineering, and manufacturing.

Our Vision


We are on this earth to make great products and are constantly focusing on innovation. We believe in keeping our products simple by controlling the primary technologies that we invent. We only participate in markets where we can make change, and disruptive markets are our mantra. Engineered Medical Technologies is collaboration, teamwork, and friendships where we create an environment of creativity everyday.

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